Woodspirits Handmade Herbal Soap & Natural Body Care Products

Faces 6oz. salt scrubs

Woodspirits facial salt scrubs are now available!
Revive and exfoliate during the dry winter months with our Faces scrubs.
Try our Sweet Cheeks scrubs with real Ohio wildflower honey!

Woodspirits 6 ounce facial salt scrubs are now available

Azteca Shampoo Bar

Wonderful, sudsy and refreshing! This juniper and lavender fragranced bar will leave hair soft and delightfully scented.
Ban the Bottle!
Azteca soap bar is pure castille soap and is gentle enough to use on hair- the juniper and lavender fragrance will refresh you!

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The Sun and the Sky

Light floral tones and a hint of bergamot brings Spring to your bath or shower!

The Sun and the Sky soap is light and refreshing with Tagetes and Bergamot essences

Woodspirits Exfoliating Salt Scrubs

Our Scented Salt Scrubs are here to exfoliate your skin and moisturize it at the same time.

Our salt scrubs are sold wholesale on our site, or retail at selected locations

Zanzibar 6oz. soap bar

The original and all-natural marbled bar that looks and smells good enough to eat!

Zanzibar is our popular marbled cinnamon soap bar


Memorable and timeless! Lavender is our classic scent. Try Sweet Cheeks lavender with real Ohio honey, too!

Lavender and other natural essences give many of our products a distinctive, earthy scent

Surrender to Summer

When you need a hint of summer, surrender to your senses. Our blend of tropical flowers and spices brings a bit of balmy weather into your life!

Surrender to Summer gets its exotic fragrance from ylang ylang flower

Our soaps are available in bulk sizes

Order our 40oz. bulk loaves and save! Available in our most popular scents.

Lapis- the beauty of Egypt for your modern bathing rituals- available in 40oz bulk loaves

Welcome to Woodspirits Ltd., Inc., pioneers of 100% natural handcrafted soap and founding member of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild. Enjoy our natural Handmade Body Care Products including handmade soap, exfoliating salt scrubs, cologne, natural wool powder puffs, and other fine herbal skin care products for your home spa!
Woodspirits philosophy is simple: "It's only skin, but it's YOUR only skin!" Why not treat it right? Our products are featured at Whole Foods™ stores, spas, boutiques, and other select retail locations. Read some of our testimonials and find out what makes our handcrafted natural products so unique. Our nature-based products are environmentally friendly, too. 100% natural, biodegradable, low carbon footprint products are made with food-grade ingredients- NEVER synthetics! A truly "green" bath and body care company!