A Family Tradition

The Wood Family first came to Oregon on ships and horses driven by curiosity and spirit. Searching for the Northwest passage and the greatness of the PNW as early Wood Family Pioneers. Our family has handed down to future generations the knowledge of conservation and sense of stewardship to the people and the land they share often in controversial ways such as supporting women suffrage, friendships with regional Native American tribes, and standing up for the environment when it cannot speak for itself. 

This Generation

We are a family that cherishes the natural outdoors. To conserve and protect our environment for generations to come. Our hearts lead us out of corporate jobs in the city to move to Hood River, Oregon, and to raise our family in the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Holly’s career in apparel and product design and Tom’s career in engineering and production mesh together to create a family of entrepreneurs and to create Wood Family Spirits. 

We encourage our families and friends to be pioneers in their own ways, to stand up for what they believe in and follow their hearts.

Hopes and Dreams

You will often find us on a river or a mountain taking in the beauty and foraging in bounty. We love it all, a stunning sunset over the Columbia River, daybreak on Mt. Hood, rafting the Deschutes River, or crabbing in Nehalem Bay. We feel like pioneers of the 21st century.