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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Since 1842, the Wood family deeply engages in Oregon's local, cutral, environmental and political landscapes toasting the spirit of Oregon heritage. We welcome pioneers of all generations to celebrate and adore the Pacific Northwest with this great bourbon. Columbia Straight Bourbon has a firm body, rich flavor and unforgettable velvety finish. 

100 Proof | 50% ALC/VOL | 750 ML

Bourbon can only be made in America. Columbia Straight Bourbon is made in Tennessee using traditions developed 150 years ago from 80% corn, 10% Barley, and 10% Rye. Aged in brand new charred oak barrels then blended to “bottle in bond” strength. Bottled at 100 proof preserves its whiskey fats and mouthfeel while presenting its true flavors of toffee, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and hints of woody clove….It’s the Wood that makes it good.


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